Wednesday, May 6, 2009


There was this Philosophy teacher in college whose reputation for greatness has always preceded him among all students. His class was the most coveted, the first one to be signed up in full. I never got in; I just read his books in class as required reading for all four semesters of my junior and senior year in college. I know he is great.

Anyway, there's this well-known anecdote about this teacher who taught his Philo class in Filipino. People say that some girl in his class raised her hand and said that she couldn't fully comprehend the subject matter because it was in Filipino. The teacher was infuriated and shouted at her, "Putangina!" Bewildered, the girl was flushed in embarrassment, she was nearly in tears in front of everyone in class. The professor went on to say, "Di ba, mas may impact sa Tagalog?" He walked away.

My point : As I try to unleash my secrets from my Pandora's box, I would be making my cases in point well if I write in Filipino. "Mas feel, mas warm", sabi nga ng isang TVC. Agree naman ako.