Sunday, October 16, 2011

M2M Part 1

Out of the blue, my friend Satxi asked me, "What's your favorite gay film?"

I told him, "Marami eh."

This got me thinking. By "favorite", this means that I have seen these films over and over again. May films kase na okay panoorin nang paulit-ulit, meron namang hindi. Kung bakit at paano 'yon is another topic. I am digressing.

Anyway, here are my picks:

1. Trick (1999) by Jim Fall. This film happens in almost real-time setting. Overnight lang. It is like a gay comedy of errors type of film. It centers on two guys who want to get off but can't seem to find a place to do it. It is very enjoyable to watch - nice original songs (Enter You, Trick of Fate), good lines (It's big. It's beautiful and you're gonna love it!), a motley crew of interesting personalities, cute men, and lots of cute men. Fag hag Tori Spelling gives her best performance to date, a role that is foil to the two leads' characters (cutey Christian Campbell who plays a playwright and sexy John Paul Pitoc who plays a go-go boy). This film never fails to make me believe in love; that love is out there, waiting to be found by me. Recommended after a break-up, when you're ready to fall in love again.
(Say it with me, "CHEESY!")

2. Latter Days (2003) by C. Jay Cox. This film tries to be a treatise on the stand of religion against homosexuality in the guise of a romantic flick. Though it deals with a serious subject matter, the film is actually light viewing - a lot of banter and exchange of witty lines (gay and fag hags vs. straight homophobes). There are a lot of interesting characters who are funny by themselves. Of course the highlight would have to be that scene in the hotel...Not telling you anymore. In the end, it is essentially a romantic film. Hay, ang sarap umibig! (Say it with me, "CHEESY"!)

3. Boy Culture (2006) by Q. Allan Brocka. This film is based on a novel of the same title by Matthew Rettenmund, published in 1995. It is the story of X, a successful escort who describes in a series of confessions his tangled, emotionally- convoluted romantic relationships with his two roommates and an older, enigmatic client. The mood of the film is light yet serious, makes you think about a lot of things while events unravel and the characters throw their lines in the film to each other. What impresses me more about this film is its honest depiction of a gay man's emotional journey towards finding his self, his heart, his soul (that have all been lost because of his job as a hustler). I read from Wikipedia that this film has won several awards. Please watch it.

4. Eating Out (2004) by Q. Allan Brocka. This film series (check out also Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds and Eating Out 3: Eat All You Can) is about a scheming gay protagonist, willingly helped by his fag hag best friends, who will do every trick he knows (read: EVERYTHING), just to get the guy he wants. All this happens in a parallel universe where the gay guy always gets his prince charming, where they live happily ever after. The plot may be campy and contrived at times, but it is entertainment at its best. Part 4 will be out soon. Enjoy!

I am listing more films next time.

Mga parekoy, what are your favorite gay films?


hot_bicycle said...

hahaha. napanuod ko yung latter day! try to watch no regrets, amphetamine, bangkok love story. tpos favorite ko is love of siam,., ang pinakawholesome hehe

Dencio Padilla said...

@hot_bicycle: i have seen those except for amphetamine. san ko ba pwede yon mapanood? i will be posting more films next time.

love of siam is puppy love, innocent love. nice story.

thanks for checking my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

no pinoy films?

Dencio Padilla said...

@ anonymous: i will be including filipino films next time.

thanks for your comment.

Kryptonite User said...

My favorite gay movie is Yentl. hehehe! I mean there's Barbra Streisand singing her heart out as a girl pretending to be a boy who is in love with Mandy Patinkin. And the song, "Papa can you hear me" has definitely gay undertones, to say the least. (Wouldn't that be the song if some gay man would creep on his sleeping best guy friend? hahaha!) Seriously though, there's "Brokeback Mountain", "MIlk" by Gus Van Sant and "Prick up your Ears" based on the life of Joe Orton. What can I say? I love old movies. ; )

Dencio Padilla said...

@Kryptonite_user: sucker for tragic films eh? the films you have listed are techinically well-polished but i do not have the emotional fortitude to watch them over and over again. all films you mentioned tackle "death" in all its forms. nothing wrong with that. but i'd rather keep viewing "positive"/happy films all over again.

thanks for sharing.

Kryptonite User said...

honga no? now that is depressing. hahaha! thanks for pointing it out!

mickeydcph said...

i love MAMBO ITALIANO, it's a gay romantic "comedy", very light lang, at paulit ulit ko na syang napanuod, tawa pa rin ako ng tawa.

Dencio Padilla said...

@mickeydcph: oh yeah, i like mambo italiano too. i specifically like its take on how culture plays a big role in our lives especially for gay guys coming out and being accepted by their own loved ones. nice recommendation!

Mark said...

try watching shanks

but my personal fave ko is eternal summer kase maxado nitong ginulo ang utak ko hahaha

Kryptonite User said...

La ba update dude? hehehehe! Kung sabagay it the busiest time of the year right? Cheers amigo!

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