Wednesday, September 29, 2010

F is for Floyds (Part 2)

Now meet Floyd B.

I had come to know of Floyd B. when I was still assigned in Bicol. He was the friend of "my special friend". I really didn't think much of him because he was taking much of the time of "my special friend". Basta, he was the friend of my friend. Yun lang.

When I was transferred in the Visayas, I would meet Floyd B. again. This time, we talked because we had a common friend. Floyd was goodlooking. I really had a reason not to like him before since he spent a lot of time with "my special friend". He is an eye candy, just don't make him talk. He's pretty. Period. But because "my special friend" was what connected us, that was pretty much it between us. Kwentuhan lang.

A year later, we would meet again, still in the Visayas. We would exchange cell phone numbers and send SMS to each other. In this exchange, he would tell me that he found me cute and smart but couldn't act on it because of "my special friend" and that because he had a lover of seven years already, and that friends are all we ever could be.

Maybe friends with benefits.

One time, he sent me a text message, asking me to have dinner with him. We went to my favorite chicken inasal restaurant and then afterwards, he said he wanted to have a drink. We bought these bottled mixed cocktail drinks from the convenience store. We drank like it's the last night of the world. We had too much to drink that we felt horny.

"Saan ba place mo? Punta tayo dun." That's what Floyd B. said, or at least that's what I recalled him say, as the booze has taken the best of us that night.

I just realized that we were making out in the car. Lots of kissing. The next thing I knew, we were on my bed, naked and having sex. I'm not using the L-word here because I was just horny I think, or we were both horny. Turned out, we've had the sexual tension already from the time we first met. Floyd B. succinctly expressed it, "noon pa kita gusto matikman."

To me, Floyd B. was just a pretty face but he lacked the character I wanted from a partner. For Floyd B., I was just another conquest. Another trick, for when morning came, he knew where we was going home to - to the loving arms of his partner.

It was a night of lust, and that's all it would ever be.

Before he left, he said, "Ulitin natin 'to ha?"

I said, "Sure!" and then I yawned and fell asleep.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

F is for Floyds (Part 1)

Meet Floyd A.

I first spotted Floyd A. in a domestic airport, on my flight back to Manila. It was a late Friday afternoon and the flight was delayed. There wasn't much to do in the waiting lounge and then Floyd A. caught my attention. I saw him looking at the photos of the Masskara Festival that were on display. He stood out in the chattering crowd. It wasn't about his height (he was tall at 5'10 or 5'11"); he had this presence that radiates in a mad mob of agitated passengers. He was tall, dark, and goodlooking in his jeans, shirt, and shoes that altogether made him look really well. He was, what most would call, an eye candy.

Finally we boarded our flight and I've forgotten about him already.

At the Manila airport, I would chance upon him again while flagging a cab. As always the case, to get a cab in the airport on a Friday night is a game in itself, a relay of obstacles that range from superbly agile passengers to unreasonable drivers. As if meant to be, we sort of agreed to share a cab so we could go home right away.

Inside the cab, we exchanged stories while stuck in traffic. More importantly, we traded cell phone numbers.

A day after, I would get a text message from him. We would send SMS to each other for about a week, until we decided to meet again. Our meeting place was a dimsum house in Malate. We had noodles and dumplings. After a lot of stories and several innuendoes, we decided to go over to my place (I was staying in a hotel because I had training in the office) and watch PBB. Of course, we just didn't watch PBB. We made love. Yes, I am using the word, "love". It was what seemed to prevail that night, in the four corners of the room. Lots of hugging, kissing, caressing, romancing...the works. ( May shower scene pa nga...LOL)

I was very attracted to Floyd A. He was not only charming but he was smart and personable. He was someone I could call for "real" and not for "trick". But that's as good as it gets for us. He wanted me but couldn't have me. He had a lover already and had a long line of fuckbuddies waiting for their chance with him. Wrong timing, and wrong person too.

* * * *

Parang nagplay sa utak ko ang kantang "Somewhere Down The Road." "We had the right love at the wrong time..."

Parang bullshit naman yun. "I want you pero may lover na ko...Ngayon lang kase tayo nagkakilala..." So kasalanan ko pa, ganon? Ang labo di ba? Kung talagang may nararamdaman ka for me, eh bakit di mo matapos relasyon mo sa lover mo at maging tayo? Dapat ganun yon.

Asan na ba si Floyd A.? I saw him on a variety show; he was part of a singing group. He had a string of TV commercial ads too. Sana matino na siya and doesn't play around anymore. Single kaya siya? Nampoocha, ang cute pa rin ng mokong. Hay.

Thinking Out Loud

Do you really love me or you've just gotten used to the idea of having someone to love and love you back because the idea of that gets you through your days?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Borrowed Lines #3

"Love is about taking a chance.

I don't know if we'll fall in love.

Love isn't a transaction...

Sometimes, you don't just get what you put in..."

So true. So true.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Borrowed Lines #2

for MI

"I hope you never steal, lie, or cheat on me...
But if you must then steal away loneliness from me;
if you must lie, lie next to me each morning I'd wake up;
and if you must cheat, cheat death that you may always be with me forever..."

That totally got me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Borrowed Lines

I met this guy once.

It was epic.

Then the sun shone in and reality set in...

This is reality.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Come Home

Dear YOU:

Is there a happy ever after for us?

and waiting.

I miss you.

Come home soon.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dear You

Dear You:

You let me down.

You disappoint me.

I thought you had it in you. I thought we would get along and be fine.

My bad to assume...You're incomprehensible. You're incorrigible.

Now we're not talking.

Who's to give up? Who's to win?

We all lose in the end.