Wednesday, September 29, 2010

F is for Floyds (Part 2)

Now meet Floyd B.

I had come to know of Floyd B. when I was still assigned in Bicol. He was the friend of "my special friend". I really didn't think much of him because he was taking much of the time of "my special friend". Basta, he was the friend of my friend. Yun lang.

When I was transferred in the Visayas, I would meet Floyd B. again. This time, we talked because we had a common friend. Floyd was goodlooking. I really had a reason not to like him before since he spent a lot of time with "my special friend". He is an eye candy, just don't make him talk. He's pretty. Period. But because "my special friend" was what connected us, that was pretty much it between us. Kwentuhan lang.

A year later, we would meet again, still in the Visayas. We would exchange cell phone numbers and send SMS to each other. In this exchange, he would tell me that he found me cute and smart but couldn't act on it because of "my special friend" and that because he had a lover of seven years already, and that friends are all we ever could be.

Maybe friends with benefits.

One time, he sent me a text message, asking me to have dinner with him. We went to my favorite chicken inasal restaurant and then afterwards, he said he wanted to have a drink. We bought these bottled mixed cocktail drinks from the convenience store. We drank like it's the last night of the world. We had too much to drink that we felt horny.

"Saan ba place mo? Punta tayo dun." That's what Floyd B. said, or at least that's what I recalled him say, as the booze has taken the best of us that night.

I just realized that we were making out in the car. Lots of kissing. The next thing I knew, we were on my bed, naked and having sex. I'm not using the L-word here because I was just horny I think, or we were both horny. Turned out, we've had the sexual tension already from the time we first met. Floyd B. succinctly expressed it, "noon pa kita gusto matikman."

To me, Floyd B. was just a pretty face but he lacked the character I wanted from a partner. For Floyd B., I was just another conquest. Another trick, for when morning came, he knew where we was going home to - to the loving arms of his partner.

It was a night of lust, and that's all it would ever be.

Before he left, he said, "Ulitin natin 'to ha?"

I said, "Sure!" and then I yawned and fell asleep.


Lasherations said...

Naman...hehe...goodluck sa second time...ttry nyo without the booze..maybe it'll take a different spin! ;-)

loudcloud said...

hello :)

will be back here soon

just a tad busy these days

thanks for wandering in my cobwebbed blog hahaha

dencio padilla said...

@ Lasherations: Yeah, maybe...he still sends SMS every now and then about a possible meet-up (?) in the future. I promise to perform LOL

dencio padilla said...

@ loudcloud: i hope to hear from you soon. i am a fan of your blog and will always be.

i started watching madmen because of you.