Thursday, November 5, 2009


An acquaintance told me his first impression of me. He confessed:

"Iba ka sa mga namimeet ko, kase hindi ka pang-kama..."

Was he paying me a compliment? Or must I be insulted by his comment?

I'm a bit baffled.


Anonymous said...

Come to think of it I think you are right... quite confusing... he might be paying you a compliment but at the same time not into you? :D

dencio padilla said...


I know what you mean. Really confusing...


parteeboi said...

i dont know how to react either... hehehe... nice blog... :)

dencio padilla said...

@parteeboi, thanks a lot. i will try to write more because of what you said. i tell you, more exciting stuff to cum, er, to come. LOL