Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The One and First

Crabcake is the first person to ever ask me about getting married. Aside from this being very flattering, it just feels great to be asked and considered for marriage. What makes this extra-special is the fact that it happened when we haven't been together long enough. And yet Crabcake thought of marrying me. Ain't our love grand?

I'm thinking, maybe, the whole idea of marriage just felt right at that time. The gravity of love doesn't depend on the length of time of togetherness. The intensity is rooted on the genuineness of feelings, of the love for each other.

Crabcake and I felt real love for each other after days of talking and getting to know each other. We were in love. We knew it.

One just knows. One doesn't have to spend an eternity to validate his feelings for a person.

I felt Crabcake was THE ONE for me. Crabcake knew I was THE ONE for him too. We were for keeps. We wanted to get married...and grow old together.

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