Friday, August 8, 2008

Trick of Fate

I have a good friend from way back who made me watch the movie, Trick. The story which happens in a day's time is about two guys who meet in a train. Attraction develops instantly and both decide to make out . (Hence, the title.) But the gods of gay love have other plans as the couple couldn't get it on with each other (LOL). They become confronted by a myriad of personalities (led by the faghag bestfriend) who are merely ploys to stop them from a one night stand that should have been over hours ago. What ensues is like a comedy of errors of sort with no making out in sight...Not yet at least.

This movie by Jim Fall is deliriously funny. The banter is witty, the songs and the singing riotously entertaining. I was so entertained that I've watched it a lot of times. I've been fascinated by movies that happen in 24 hours. I wanna write a screenplay with the same time line, but I am digressing already. Little did I know that my repetitive viewing of Trick is a prelude to the two most important encounters of my life.

Each of them came like an unexpected trick. Enter you...voila it's Crabcake!

Then Skyflakes.

Tricks of fate indeed.

Postscript: I fell in love with the movie's theme song, Trick of Fate. Nicely written lyrics. Maybe schmaltz for others but hey, it's "soul" music to me.

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