Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I received this text message from a new acquaintance:

"Frustrating realizations: u find d PERFECT LOVE, but in a WRONG TIME. u find the PERFECT PERSON, but he/she in NOT inluv w/u. u find the PERFECT ONE, but must be LOYAL 2 SUM1 ELSE. u got the PERFECT LOOKS, but NO 1 takes u seriously. u met d PERFECT PERSONALITY, but ur bound to BE JUST FRIENDS. u got BRAINS, but got a FRAIL HEART. u find the COURAGE, but its JUST 2 LATE. ur READY TO LOVE, but u DONT KNOW where to start."

Pinaparinggan ata ako. Di raw forwarded message; ginawa raw niya. Kinukulit ako ng sagot o reaction daw. Wala akong balak. Anong sasabihin ko? Hindi ata niya ako kilala. Ako si DENCIO PADILLA. I am dense, I tend not to feel.

C'est la vie.

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